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Scallywags news

Scallywags is hiring!

Sarah Oliver - 8 April 2016


Would you like to work with animals?  Do you have a few spare hours during the week?  Due to ever-increasing demand, Scallywags is looking for a part-time carer to help with dog walks and cat/small animal feeds.

Bangers and flash

Sarah Oliver - 21 October 2015


Firework Season is fast approaching and you may have heard the odd banger going off already.  For some pet owners, this heraldds a sense of dread and worry about the effects of all this noise on our nervous pets. So now is the time to prepare your pets and your home for the Bonfire weekend, with these top tips to keeping your pets happy and safe.

Say what?

Sarah Oliver - 1 September 2015


There are so many sayings about animals, some of which date back centuries.  Did you ever wonder what they mean and where they came from?  Well, straight from the horse's mouth, Scallywags lets the cat out of the bag on a few ... 

Mad dogs and Englishmen

Sarah Oliver - 1 July 2015


With summer upon us at last, most of us will be looking forward to sunny days in the garden and outdoors. As the temperatures rise, Scallywags Pet Care offers you some top tips to keeping your pets healthy and well this summer. 

The cat's meow

Sarah Oliver - 1 May 2015


Following our last article about the language of dogs, we now turn our attention to cats and the sounds they make.  Like dogs, cats’ main form of communication is through scent, while body language also plays a large part.  Vocalisations between cats are much less common but domestic cats have learned how to ‘talk’ to us over the millennia they have shared their homes with us.

Quick and easy pest removal ... in just a tick!

Sarah Oliver - 28 April 2015


If your pup is anything like our Scallywags, they'll no doubt love a good romp in the long grass.  With the warmer weather upon us, so too is the increased risk of picking up ticks ... and your cat isn't safe from them either!  This third article in our pet health series is right on the tick with advice and guidance on tick removal. 

The language of dogs ... a ruff guide

Sarah Oliver - 1 March 2015


If we could talk to the animals, what would they tell us?  We may not all be Dr Doolittle, but studies are finding more and more about the language of dogs.  In this article, we look at how dogs 'talk' to us through vocalisation.  

Winter jumpers

Sarah Oliver - 4 December 2014


Fleas can be a problem even in the most spotless home or on the cleanest pet.  And as the weather turns cold and the central heating is switched on, so the fleas quickly realise that a furry body living in a warm house is a much cosier, comfier alternative to outside.  In this second article of our pet health care series, we offer some tips and suggestions to effectively treat and control fleas both in your home and on your pet.  

Slugs and snails and puppy dogs' tails

Sarah Oliver - 17 October 2014


In a brand new series of pet health articles, Scallywags focuses on a number of pet parasites, the dangers of infection and the available remedies.  This first piece gets down to puddle level and explores the dark, dank underworld of slugs, snails and the deadly lungworm.

Scallywags at heart

Sarah Oliver - September 2014


Scallywags Pet Care, a brand new pet services company, comes to Oxted.  Based in Hurst Green, Scallywags aims to be a pet care company with a difference.

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