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  • Are you fully insured?
    Yes we are. You can find a copy of our insurance certificate via the link at the bottom of the home page. All our pet carers are covered for dog walking, pet sitting and pet transportation with £1m public liability cover.
  • Do you cover weekends and bank holidays?
    For home visits, yes we do. However, there would be a surcharge of £5.00 for visits on a bank holiday. In the case of dog walks, we don't routinely offer weekend or bank holiday walks but these can be arranged by appointment and with a surcharge of £5.00.
  • Do you offer a pet taxi service?
    Yes, but currently with limited availability. We can transport your pet to the vet or groomers, or wherever you need them taking. Prices on application.
  • I'd rather you didn't publish any photos of my pet. Can I opt out of these?
    Of course! In fact, at your initial meet and greet consultation, and on our new customer form, we'll ask you if you want to opt in. For any pets whose owners do not want their photos published, we'll make sure that they're not in the frame while taking photos of other pets.
  • My pet has a special diet. Can you keep to this during their feed visits?
    For all pets, we'll check whether they have any dietary requirements, for example if you didn't want your dog to have treats while out on their walk. For home visits, we'll follow your instructions in feeding, and will keep to your direction.
  • My pet takes regular medication. Is this a problem for you?
    Not at all! Liquid medication is always the easiest to administer and we'll follow your instructions for dosage. We're experienced in giving cats and dogs tablets, with or without food (for example, a little bit of cheese if their diet allows). Sarah has also been trained in administering subcutaneous injections.
  • What is included in the dog walk?
    We'll pick your dog up and return them home after their walk. Each walk is one hour long and that time excludes travel time. We'll dry off your dogs if they are wet and clean as much mud off as possible. If dogs are particularly muddy after heavy rains, we may have to cut walk times a little. When we drop off your dog, we'll make sure they're settled in the designated area and with fresh water.
  • How many dogs do you walk at once?
    Although we're insured for up to six dogs per carer, we'll only walk a maximum of four dogs at any one time. This makes sure that we have full control of the dogs in our care.
  • My dog can be a bit nervous around new dogs. How do you introduce them in a group walk?
    As a new customer, we always invite you on a group walk with your dog to introduce your dog to their walker and their group. In this way, they can get used to being around other dogs while still feeling safe with you. When the time comes for a group walk, we'll schedule a walk when we've only got one or two dogs, and will introduce individually outside the vehicle before your dog is put in the car/van. Initially, we'll keep your dog on lead until they build up confidence and familiarity, to prevent them running off.
  • Where do you walk dogs?
    We'll walk them in a variety of local places - anywhere that is safe and secure, away from roads and other hazards, and that allows your dog to have a run around or a good sniff in the undergrowth.
  • What happens if it's raining or snowing? Or if it's really hot?
    Dogs love their walks and we'll walk them in all weathers, come rain or shine. If it's raining, we'll make sure they're dried and mud-free before going home. If it's snowing or cold weather, we ask that you leave out any doggy coats; we'll clean off paws for any street salt or snow balls stuck to the fur. If snow blocks roads for access then we may not be able to walk your dog, but we'll do our best to at least walk to your house to let them out - we'll keep you informed if this is the case. In hot weather, we stick to shaded walks but in the event of very high temperatures we may carry out walks early in the morning or we may have to cancel. Again, we'll give you as much notice as possible.
  • Do you let dogs off lead on walks?
    We do - but only with your permission and only once we've tested their recall. For the first few walks, we'll keep them on lead so that they can get used to their walker and the other dogs in the group. Once they are comfortable in the group, and the walker is confident that they can keep your dog under control, we'll allow them to run freely. Alternatively, if you prefer your dog to be kept on lead, we will keep to your wishes. We'll still make sure they get a good walk by allowing them plenty of sniff-time.
  • I'm worried about dog thefts in my area. What measures do you have in place to keep them safe?
    When Scallywags was first set up, we had a branded van and branded uniform. However, with the rise in dog thefts, we no longer advertise that we're out walking other people's dogs. All our dog walkers are vigilant in making sure that all off lead dogs are under control and within sight. We're always alert for any other dog walkers and, if we see anyone acting suspiciously, we'll gather the dogs, put them back on their leads and walk away.
  • I have exotic pets - do you offer care visits?
    We're used to all kinds of pets and other animals - we've cared for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice, chickens, guinea fowl, cockatiels, fish and exotic coral. However, we don't have experience in looking after reptiles and invertebrates. Some of our carers would be happy to care for your animal under strict instruction from you but this would be on a discretionary basis.
  • My cat doesn't really like being handled. What will you do on the visit?
    On each visit we'll clear/change the litter tray and put down fresh food and water as standard. If you'd like us to open/close curtains, put the bins out or water your plants, we'd be happy to do this too. Sometimes, while cats don't like to be fussed, they do enjoy having company. In this case, we'll just sit and spend some time around your cat to give them that human company. Of course, if your cat has access to outside and isn't around, we'll hang about for a little while in case they come home, and then lock up and leave.
  • Do you offer doggy day care?
    We don't offer day care as we're not licensed for this service or have a suitable indoor and outdoor space. We'd love to be able to provide this service. If we did have the opportunity to set up a doggy day care centre, we'll advertise on our website and Facebook page.
  • Do you offer home boarding or pet sitting?
    Unfortunately, we don't offer boarding in our homes as we're not licensed for this. However, we can look after your pets in your home, and we'll stay for the duration of your time away. Please contact us for more details.
  • Do you offer dog training classes?
    At the moment, we don't offer any classes for dog training. We're currently focusing on one-to-one puppy training, but if you'd like individual sessions for your older dog, please contact us. Please note that dog training is only available in the Northampton area.
  • What do you cover in your puppy training sessions?
    We'll tailor your sessions to suit your requirements but, as a minimum, we'll work on name recall, lead walking and off lead recall, handling and grooming, and basic obedience. We work with a positive reinforcement approach, ensuring that your dog learns the association between treat and required behaviour. Please note that dog training is only available in the Northampton area.


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