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Dog & cat grooming


We offer a basic grooming service for dogs and cats.


For dogs:

  • In-home bath & brush - done in the comfort of your own home, we'll give your dog a thorough wash with a back and head massage for that extra-special spa treatment.  We'll dry him off (towel or dryer, depending on dog's tolerance and coat) and we'll make sure that your bathroom is as clean as we found it afterwards.

  • De-matting & brush - for longer or curly coated dogs, we have the tools to tease out those nasty tangles and mats.  Also useful when your dog starts to shed, we'll help get rid of that loose undercoat. 


For cats:

  • De-matting & brush - for long and short-haired cats, we'll remove tangles and mats, and help to remove any loose undercoat when your cat starts to shed.

  • Claw clipping - provided your cat allows us anywhere near her paws (you know how fickle cats can be), we'll give those claws a quick clip too whilst we're at it. 


Prices are dependent on pet type, length of coat and size of pet.  Please contact us for a quote.



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