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Coming soon ...


We have big plans for Scallywags with more services in development for the future:

Puppy training

We'll always reinforce the training you have given your dog whilst he is with us (e.g. 'sit', 'stay' and off-lead recall) but you may want some helping teaching your pup those commands in the first place.


Sarah is soon to start a dog training course and will be launching the Scallywags Puppy School.   

Doggy day care

We're looking for suitable premises with a day room, play area and secure, enclosed exercise field.  Once we have found somewhere, and have been granted the necessary council licences, Scallywags Doggy Day Care will be open for business.

Reiki animal healing

Trained and attuned to Usui Reiki tradition, Sarah will soon be offering energy healing consultations to help with a variety of health and behavioural issues.

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